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Fascination with handcrafting an all natural premium quality Rum, using sugar cane grown on our land, and love of our product is what defines how we operate as a business


Not only to control quality, but also simply because of our affinity with artisan techniques, Richland Rum is handcrafted in small batches. We do not apply any continuous or industrial processes; our production design and volume are defined by quality, not by efficiency.



Richland Rum has only two ingredients: sugar cane juice or premium sugar cane syrup and water. Each year, for a very short period - limited by the Georgia sugar cane harvest season - we use estate, - or locally grown fresh sugar cane juice. The remainder of the year, our base ingredient is premium sugar cane syrup, NEVER molasses.The very limited quantities of Richland Rum made with fresh cane juice will be released in later years as a Proprietor's Reserve.


Richland Rum is an all natural product which does not have preservatives, artificial aromas, coloring, additives or chemical enhancements of any kind.


Recognizing that fermentation plays a key role in defining the taste profile of our Rum, we have perfected a proprietary fermentation recipe over a 15 year time span.


We 'play' our handbuilt, gas-fired copper potstills as if they were musical instruments and each day the performance is a joy!
Every morning, our master Distiller personally inspects the previous day's run, gallon by gallon. Subjecting the Virgin Rum to vigorous test for taste, aromas and clarity, he separates Heads and Tails from the run's Hearts and determines which portion of the spirits deserve to be barreled, sending the heads and tails back for re-distillation.
The Master Distiller takes pride in never compromising on quality.


Our Virgin Rum is pampered to maturity in new, American white oak, medium charred barrels for at least 18 months. A portion of the production is earmarked for aging 5 years and beyond.

We expect to release 8,000 cases in 2014.



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Aged in Oak Barrels All Natural, Premium Rum

The Richland Distilling Company is a family owned Craft Distillery, exclusively dedicated to creating Richland Rum

Located in historic downtown Richland, we are proud to be part of this great community.

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