Each of our five rum expressions are fantastic spirits with unique and agile flavor profiles that make them delicious year round, but there is something about the Autumn season that brings these expressions alive even more. The dry and cool air seems to.


I just received my bottle of rum and I have to say it is the best sipping rum I have tried. I love the complex flavors it brings, a nice taste of caramel and oak. This rum is extra smooth and great for special occasions (like Friday). It is a hit with me.a

Richland Award Winning Single Estate Rum

Richland Rum Signature Cocktails

Barrel 208 (Château Élan Port Exchange)
Barrel 202 (Château Élan Port Exchange)
Barrel 188 (Château Élan Port Exchange)
Barrel 170 (Château Élan Port Exchange)
Barrel 169 (Château Élan Port Exchange)
Barrel 142 (Château Élan Port Exchange)
Barrel 130 (Château Élan Port Exchange)
Barrel 122 (Château Élan Port (Cask Strength))
Barrel 122 (Château Élan Port Exchange)

Help Us Craft The Perfect Richland Rum Negroni!
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“In all my years wandering the world in search of truth and adventure, the only thing I am sure of is that the best Negroni is made with Richland Rum…”

-Ernest Hemingway (maybe)

Leave the gin in the liquor cabinet for this one…we want to find the perfect Richland Rum Negroni. Which Richland Rum Expression do you want to use? Is there a substitute for either Campari of Sweet Vermouth? Some people like to add a splash of tonic or sparkling wine. Is it best to add a dash of bitters?? What kind? And what will the garnish be- orange peel, lemon spiral, mint sprig, something we haven’t thought of??

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Submit your recipe below and feel free to share any photos as well as your social media handles so we can connect via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!