Each of our five rum expressions are fantastic spirits with unique and agile flavor profiles that make them delicious year round, but there is something about the Autumn season that brings these expressions alive even more. The dry and cool air seems to.


I just received my bottle of rum and I have to say it is the best sipping rum I have tried. I love the complex flavors it brings, a nice taste of caramel and oak. This rum is extra smooth and great for special occasions (like Friday). It is a hit with me.a

Richland Award Winning Single Estate Rum

Richland Rum Signature Cocktails

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Before There Is Richland Rum, There Is Richland Almost Rum
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Front & Center: Jamie Lyn Bobbitt
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Calling All Mixologists
(Summer Cocktail Competition Entry Form Below)

Picasso had his paint and you have Richland Rum. Show us your artistic spirit by creating the next cocktail masterpiece using Richland Rum. Any of the Expressions and/or Commemorative Selections from the Richland Rum Portfolio may be used. Each month we will select a few of our favorites to showcase on our website and social media pages.

2020 Richland Rum Cocktail Competition Rules:
Must be 21+
Recipe must feature at least one Richland Rum Expression/Commemorative Selection
Submission must be made via the cocktail page on Richland Rum Website:
Please provide social media info if applicable

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
– Pablo Picasso