Each of our five rum expressions are fantastic spirits with unique and agile flavor profiles that make them delicious year round, but there is something about the Autumn season that brings these expressions alive even more. The dry and cool air seems to.


I just received my bottle of rum and I have to say it is the best sipping rum I have tried. I love the complex flavors it brings, a nice taste of caramel and oak. This rum is extra smooth and great for special occasions (like Friday). It is a hit with me.a

Richland Award Winning Single Estate Rum

Richland Journal

Richland Distilling Co. Receives 2020 “GLOBE” Award

Our rum making is an art form, one that is meant to be shared as far and wide as planetary limits allow. Over the past few years, Richland Rum has gained a presence in dozens of countries around the world. In 2020 that reach expanded once again, as recognized by our reception of the 2020 [...]

The One Who Does It All Here In Richland

A walk though our distillery in Richland is sure to evoke certain memorable sensations- the sweet, herbal aroma of our sugarcane syrup fermenting, the vibrant image of our copper pot stills, a brush of the hand along one of our 1000+ barrels peacefully resting on their iron racks…and the unmistakable chatter and laughter of our [...]

Harvest Season

This is our favorite time of year on the farm at Richland Estate and for good reason. The Autumn air is cool and pleasant (which the wild mustangs love), the colors are magnificent, and the sugarcane is hearty and ready for harvest. Although the exact dates fluctuate from year to year, we typically begin harvesting [...]

Inaugural Cocktail Contest Winners Announced

Cocktails Inspired by the Seasons- From Fall in South Georgia to Spring in South Africa When we launched our inaugural Richland Rum Cocktail Contest back in August we had no idea what to expect from the entries, nor did we have any real criteria for judging. Just as we let our rum decide when it [...]

More Than Savory, More Than Sweet

“Confection Perfection”. That’s the motto of SouthernVet Sweets owner Jason Autry, whose confectionary creations have quickly become all the craze here in Georgia and beyond. As a Georgia native, Jason’s love for his home state shows up in much of what he does, and it was that Georgian pride that drew him to Richland Rum. [...]

A Day In The RRum Life

In the land of the new normal, the days are often filled with a template of video calls, emails, odd hobbies, house projects and other general monotonies. Yesterday, I myself was stricken by a particularly bothersome bit of boredom and decided that the only cure would be a steady dose of rum, Richland Rum. Luckily, [...]

Richland Rum Announces RR20

To celebrate Richland Rum’s 20th Anniversary, Richland Distilling Company, LLC – which has produced Single Estate Old South Georgia Rum since 1999 – has used the entirety of 2019 to select the five best and most distinguished barrels of its large, aging Rum inventory. In January of 2020, the selected barrels were bottled. Consensus between [...]

A Fellow Georgian, A Fellow Farmer, A True Friend

How A Walk At The Farm Lead To The “Presidential Reserve Commemorative Selection” In 1999, not long after Erik and Karin had planted their first stalks of sugarcane that was to become Richland Rum, they received a special guest to their farm. Their visitor walked with a steady and stoic stride as he gazed across [...]

The Sustainability of Richland Rum

Richland Rum was born on the farm at Richland Estate in 1999 when the first stalks of sugarcane were planted in the sandy, nutrient dense soil. At first, only a small parcel of land was cultivated, but that humble beginning has now evolved into the substantial agricultural venture of growing sugarcane for the sole purpose [...]

The Revitalization of Small-Town America

Water Towers, Rum, and the Revitalization of Small-Town America Water towers dot the landscape all across the USA; from South Georgia to the Midwestern Plains all the way to the Pacific Coast. These eye-catching structures stand as symbols of small-town America, evoking nostalgic thoughts of holiday bbq’s, backyard baseball games, and quaint corner stores. Many [...]